Tail lift, hydraulic repair

Our tail lift service is fast and all-round: we deal with both detecting and repairing mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical problems.

We deal with all type of tail lifts: we fix Sörensen, Dhollandia, Dautel, Bär, MBB / Hubfix, Anteo, Behrens, Z-lift / Zeprowe brands daily, but we can gice effective help with other less known brands too (such as Atlas, Teha, Scanlift, Hesselman – Nacov, Haco, Rico, Ama-Avo-Mariba, Interlift, Sörling, Hiab / Nummi, Multi-lift, Erhel / Hydris, etc.). If it’s needed, than we can examine the safety of the tail lift too.


We keep a notable supply for the most common brands of tail lift types, such as Sörensen, Dhollandia, Dautel, Bar, MBB / Hubfix. Main components (pump, power supply, engine, mercury and remote switch, magnetic damper, etc) for the brands above can be ordered, but we can supply a lots of thing for lesser known brands too. Accessories that are not store – thanks to good dutch, german and italian connections – can arrive in 1-2 days. Supplying these accessories, the parameters of the tail lift and the needed accessory is essential (ex. type, etc.), and a photo of it is also needed.

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We undertake new and used tail lift installations for demand. We also deal with getting the transformation license and the examinations that are needed for the installation.


Beside the tail lifts, we also deal with repairing the different type (SIMON, PALFINGER, etc.) of lorrys with platform and crane, and also repairing tipping cylinders (EDBRO, MEILLER, HS PENTA, GEORG, NEUMEISTER).